DOCUMENTATION_Community_Reusable_Semantic_Metadata_Content_Models it is an excellent platform to share the work to the Drupal community. However, it is not always enough.

There is an enormous volume of the grid Drupal work that it is not on a good example is our community that focus mostly for humanities scholars and small museums.

Why not on Website. Drupal projects are focus mostly on general audience, usually not suitable for specific use-case. For example, small museums and individuals scholars humanities projects.


How to Installing a Community Reusable Semantic Metadata Content Models form GitHub

The primary platform of disseminating RM's is GitHub, code repository.

GitHub is our main distribute channel for Community Reusable Semantic Metadata Content Models

Installation process Drupal 7


·       Go to GitHub repository by clicking Here

·       Go to individual Community Reusable Semantic Metadata Content Models GitHub

·       First click on the "Clone or download " button

·       Then right click on the download zip button will show

·       Choose "copy link address" or "copy link location."

·       Paste the link address into the "Install from a URL" field on the module installation page (Modules > Install new module or /admin/modules/install), just as if you'd copied a.tar.gz or .zip link from

·       Or download the zip file from GitHub by clicking download zip and upload that zipped package to your Drupal site.